“The global drive for eating animals is extremely destructive to the planet”

The animal agriculture industry is the world’s largest contributor to global warming, species extinction, water consumption and deforestation. As our population grows we are eating more  meat than ever before. The Meat the End documentary series explores this devastating impact in depth and reveals the dark truths that are hidden from consumers.

What they said…

“Thank you for sharing this! I have so much more respect for you as a page to share something brave like this, knowing that you’ll get a hard time over it ✌?❤️ – Jade Emily Nicholas 

“Respect UNILAD for not shying away from this. And everyone else who watched and resisted the urge to make the usual inane comments. It’s real, it’s horrific, it’s happening on an unimaginable scale, but it’s unnecessary. And we know it.” – Dan Newton 

“Just to let people know, nothing like this happens in the UK, yes there are the odd farmers who don’t deserve to have animals, but the UK has some of the highest welfare standards in the world!” – Harry Davis

How we packaged it…

Meat The End: The Inhumane Treatment Of Animals

Whether you eat meat or not, the inhumane treatment some animals suffer before making it to our plates cannot be ignored.

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, 22 October 2017