“Nobody likes the thought of someone being lonely”

James Weir has autism. Whilst normal guys his age spend their 21st drinking with their mates, James struggles to make friends. His family appealed on social media to get people to send him birthday cards, and their campaign went viral. UNILAD went to visit James and his family as celebrated a birthday that he will never forget.

What they said…

“Me and my partner sent a card thinking it might not actually amount to anything. So happy to see that it has and that through the magic of social media this chaps day was made. Hope you had a great day mate. All the best from Middlesbrough”Michael Wood

“As a Mom with a son who’s on the autism spectrum. This hit home. God bless you guys for making him feel so loved!!!!” – Heidi Gilmore

“Everything about this story made me really emotional. James himself, his amazing family and the kindness and generosity of complete strangers who just wanted to make his birthday special. Overwhelming!!”  Sharon Hancock

How we packaged it…

Living With Autism

This autistic lad thought nobody would care about his 21st birthday – but he was so wrong ❤️🎂

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 1 December 2017