Foster’s wanted…

…to stand out in a busy and competitive category in order to hold value share. To do this they needed to create an emotional connection with their audience who are not just thirsty for Foster’s, but thirsty for life and new experiences.


In partnership with UNILAD, Foster’s showcased the thirsty moments in life which leave you gasping for an ice cold refreshing pint of Foster’s via a video sketch series supported by influencer sketches and digital display.


UNILAD guarantees a million views per video, however the campaign was so successful that it delivered over 17.5 million views, almost 10 million more than planned. 

Post campaign research saw a 16% increase in people that saw the campaign agreeing with the statement ‘Foster’s is the brand for me’. The campaign also contributed to a 15% increase in agreement that Foster’s is a ‘highly refreshing beer’ amongst non Foster’s drinkers who were exposed to the campaign. More importantly however, there was a staggering 22% increase in consideration amongst non-drinkers when exposed to the campaign, driving brand penetration. Meaning that overall the UNILAD partnership contributed a significant change in people’s feelings about the Foster’s brand, whether they currently drink it or not.

How we packaged it…

We All Have One Mate That's An Absolute Hero

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Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, 15 June 2017