"People have no idea of the power we have to dictate our own lives"

David Ike is one of the world’s most famous conspiracy theorists. In this UNILAD Original documentary, we chat with him about his beliefs when it comes to power, freedom and will and what he thinks the future will hold.

What they said…

 “I remember David Icke from breakfast TV years ago and when he started all this stuff up. He was quickly dismissed as a nut. I’m not sure about Lizard people on the moon but he makes a fair point on how the world is run.” – Suzanne Brook

“The fact that he read a book from a reiki healer and she has basically predicted his life’s path…is like me reading the paper lining on a McDonald’s tray and realising that I am going to be on the next NASA mission to the moon! Ba-hoooey!” – Catherine Anne Elizabeth Stålborg

If what he says is true then we would never have heard of him. Conspiracy theory loonies are just people desperate to be special.” – Tony Row


How we packaged it…

David Icke - Lizard People Rule The World

The world's most famous conspiracy theorist has a warning for everyone...

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, 4 February 2018