Brands uniting for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is fast becoming the go to event for brands to show their solidarity when it comes to women’s causes the world over. With over 1.2m mentions on Twitter alone, International Women’s day is getting a lot of engagement, so it makes sense that brands would want to be part of the movement. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite social media campaigns from International Women’s day.

Starling Bank – Make Money Equal

A study conducted by Starling Bank revealed a big difference in the way men and women are targeted when it comes to money. The #MakeMoneyEqual campaign led by female CEO Anne Boden aimed to change that with 5 animated films which were shared on social media. The campaign got picked up a lot on social media and was endorsed by countless women who wanted to see a change in the way that money is spoken about in the media. Whilst the campaign was launched on International Women’s day it promises to be an ongoing movement.


Uber #DrivenWomen

Uber launched a campaign film in Asia celebrating the stories of its female drivers. Titled #DrivenWomen, the campaign brings together those who drive for Uber whilst trying to balance other responsibilities including family, work and education. It went live on Uber’s social media in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam on international women’s day.


Belvedere Vodka – Fem the Future

Fem the Future is a two-year collaborative partnership between Belvedere Vodak and award-winning musician Janelle Monae. The partnership was launched with a sprecial FTF brunch which was the first in a series of experience created by Jack Morton. The events are designed to bring together influential guests and speakers to help create inclusion, awareness and opportunities for women.

As part of the campaign the brand also created a content series titled A Beautiful Future – a series short films directed and produced by three talented women filmmakers inspired by the question “What does a beautiful future look like to you?”

BrewDog – Pink IPA

In an attempt to highlight the gender pay gap issue, BrewDog has launched a pink version of its famous ‘Punk IPA’ aptly named ‘Pink IPA’, dubbing it as “beer for girls” and giving it girly pink packaging. Brewdog launched the product with a tongue-in-cheek film and is donating 20% of its profits from both Pink and Punk IPA to causes that fight gender inequality.

Sarah Warman, BrewDog’s global head of marketing, says: “The fact that the gender pay gap is still an issue in 2018 shows that a lot of lip service is being paid, but not enough action is being taken to tackle inequality. We want to accelerate change by empowering more women to make their voices heard and calling out industries and employees that need to do more. With Pink IPA, we are making a statement the only way we know how – with beer.”

Despite its best intentions, the campaign has received quite a bit of backlash, with people not really understanding the irony.

Marie Claire – #Notmyjob

To coincide with the magazines 30th anniversary, Marie Claire’s #Notmyjob campaign aims to tackle harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Asking women to share their experiences with the hashtag. The campaign is pushing for legislation to be bought in to protect women further from acts of workplace harassment as well as general workplace equality.

Danielle Wilde

Marketing Manager