Highlights from CES 2018

Always keen to stay on top of the latest and greatest consumer-tech innovations, we flew out to Las Vegas, Sin City itself (!), to follow the event firsthand and thought we’d share our top five exhibitions from the event. Here’s editorial whizz, Scott Cullen, with the highlights.

  1. Concept i  

Where to begin. This is what we see as the closest iteration of what cars will look and operate like in the next 20-30 years, and it truly wouldn’t look out of place in Blade Runner. Our favourite aspect was the customisable windows that let you, the passenger, choose whatever view you’d prefer no matter where you are. Talk about drifting into a fantasy world…

  1. Omron: Forpheus

We all know that someone who is crying out for some competition on the ping pong table. Well, turns out there’s a robot for that. Yes, Omron built a ping pong trainer robot, (it has a name actually, Forpheus). Using AI algorithms and built-in cameras it sees a live view of the player, ball and surroundings and can make split second decisions just like a human. Rallying back and forth with it, you forget that it is actually a robot.

  1. Samsung

The Samsung press event is always a sight to behold. Though there was no official mention on the Galaxy S9, the tech giant did announce a lot of smart home integration “Bixby… what’s in my fridge” and they touched on the future of 5G connectivity and building the infrastructure to support it.

  1. BMW M5

Drifting in a BMW M5 was truly a unique experience. Being flung around in the back of a car is both nerve racking and exhilarating, but feeling the car slide around underneath you is incredible. Turns out the BMW M5 set the drifting world record a couple of days later with a continuous wet drift of 232 miles at 29mph (!). Now we know just how the world-record drivers felt.

  1. INTEL Drone

Watching the Intel drone show outside the Bellagio was awesome, there wae easy 2000 people watching it on the last night. the amount of work that must go into programming the drones to dance around in the air must’ve been staggering, not one fell out of the sky either.


Danielle Wilde

Marketing Manager