Shellzz UNILAD: Welcome to the eSports family

After some impressive additions to the UNILAD eSports trophy cabinet recently, we’re proud to announce the newest member of the FIFA team, Shaun ‘Shellzz’ Springette.

We sat down with the man himself to get a glimpse into his journey so far…


How and when did you realise you could take FIFA to a professional level?

In FIFA 17 I managed to qualify for the first tournament from FUT Champions which gave me a chance to test myself against the very best in the world. I finished 3rd in my first live event which was a huge achievement for me! I never thought I could compete with the best in the world but that experience gave me the belief that I could possibly do this as a career.  

What attracted you most to signing with UNILAD eSports?

UNILAD is one of the biggest social media publishers in the world and I’m really excited with some of the plans they’ve got in store for UNILAD eSports. For what I want to achieve in my career, I felt that UNILAD is the best place to be.

What’s been the highlight of your eSports career so far and why?

The highlight of my career was definitely the FIFA Ultimate Team Championships in Berlin. That tournament completely changed my life and also it has been the best performance I’ve ever played. I went into that tournament without huge expectations, but I came out of there as runner-up. Obviously that loss against Rocky still breaks my heart till this day, but I have to move on and learn from what I did wrong. Otherwise, that whole tournament was amazing and is definitely the highlight of my career.

What are your ultimate goals playing under the UNILAD brand?

My ultimate goal here is to definitely bring home a championship, that’s all I want, and the loss I suffered in Berlin just makes me want it even more. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform at future events and once again be in position to compete in a final.

If you could play against any athlete / celeb who would it be?

It would probably be Dave, the rapper. I’m a huge fan of his music and I know he likes to play FIFA and has a lot of banter with his friends. I think it would be a pretty funny game and I would love to see his reaction.

What would be your advice to a kid who wants to break into the world of eSports today?

My advice to kids is to not give up and just be patient. I’ve been a gamer all my life and I loved watching guys like OpTic Scump compete in tournaments. I’ve always wanted to be in their position. I still remember how I was feeling when I first arrived in Paris and seeing all the other pros, and deep down inside I was trying to stay calm but I was a fan of all of them. Anything can change so quickly, anything. My story is an example, I went from just playing in my room late nights to competing on a professional scale.

Kurren Tatla

Senior Copywriter