How insights and data drives creativity

In a world of ‘content overload’, the only way to cut through the noise and reach your audience is through efficient and carefully crafted insights…something we pride ourselves on.

Our Creative strategist, Adam Middleton, takes you through the thought process that helps us build some of the most successful branded content campaigns to date…

Content is everywhere.

Now, more so than ever, content is consumed on social media. In fact, the average social media user consumes hundreds of pieces of content every day, and on Facebook’s suite of social apps alone (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger – not including WhatsApp) users spend on average 50 minutes per day *. If you’re one of these people, no matter your age, you fit into what we refer to as “The Social Generation”. The people who check their Facebook feed every morning, upload a #TBT on Instagram every week and tag their friends and family in videos and memes they just can’t help but share.

Creativity is a key factor in communicating to the social generation to grab their attention and deliver a message. Effective advertising on social media is a result of creativity, and the most effective content is a product of insight driven ideas. For publishers to stand out from the crowd and engage an audience like no one else, data and insights are an essential part of our content strategy and our creativity.

Market and industry insights

Having an understanding of the market is integral to us as a publisher that speaks to tens of millions of people every week and when working with some of the biggest brands in the world. To keep our performance up, not only do we need to keep on top of what content works well at the moment, and which isn’t resonating so well, but also predict future trends in the social media space. When working with brands, we ensure we have a full understanding of the brand, their objectives and what success looks like.

Audience and platform insights, social listening

Understanding an audience is vital when developing ideas that will deliver success. The traditional audience bucketing of ’18-24 UK males who love gaming’ is fine at a top level, but it’s the added layer of audience insights that enable us, as creatives, to develop the best ideas, at the best possible time, and in the best way. We ask questions of an audience such as interests, brand affinities and lifestyle categories through multiple tools and dashboards. Social listening plays a key part in this to analyse consumer conversation on the social space around various brands, themes or hot topics. With the best mixture of data and learnings, we can identify the key insights that help us reach the ideas we need.

Once we have both the key insights and an understanding of what we need to and want to achieve, we can take the right steps in developing an effective creative strategy to do so. As we continue to evaluate the data we’re also able to react quickly and adapt any content strategy we have in place. We do this to ensure we keep moving forward as a social publisher, one that has a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.

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Kurren Tatla

Senior Copywriter